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AudioClone Script v 1.12


AudioClone Script v 1.12

AudioClone - the finest audio file marketplace money can buy!

Easy to install, a breeze to maintain, with complete access to every feature through the admin panel, and easily customizable - these are just a part of the advantages of AudioClone. Unlimited number of sellers and buyers, who can upload as many items as they would like, compatible with most hosting providers - and all this at a very affordable price!

The system stores NO sensitive data - personal, CC or otherwise - so you and your users are fully protected. The system has a built-in audioplayer for file preview, and allows users to upload bundled files for sale. There's a built-in affiliate system that allows them to earn money from the purchases made through their links. Members using the virtual deposit system can also benefir from extra discounts, set up by the administrator.

Unlimited Number of Features

The Ultimate Exact Pinterest Clone script on the market

  • With precise lines and clean design, resembling the market leader, AudioClone's default template is intended to put you in line with the other big players. Basic HTML/CSS skills are enough to change the design to your preference.

  • Thanks to the built-in audio player AudioClone visitors can audition the sample for every file directly in the item listing - no need to go to the detail page. Each user can also build a collection of items and access it from anywhere!

  • Your very own partner network is just a few clicks away. Just set the desired commission percentage, and the system will take care of everything else.

  • AudioClone has a built-in virtual deposit system. Users with such deposits enjoy additional discounts. The script is fully integrated with PayPal, Moneybookers and Alertpay - you only need to enter your e-mail to start receiving money.

  • Within the system's admin panel you have control over all the system settings, user accounts and activity, items uploaded, sales made, and much more.

  • ThemeClone allows you to set the default currency and language, access levels to various modules, privilege levels for user groups, etc.

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Affiliate Program

Earn revenue by placing links or banners on your web site

Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn you money. The standard commission rate is currently 30%.

Become an affiliate partner


United States

The CloneForest team integrated a custom payment module to my website, so now I pay less fees and earn more money!


I am a digital artist and GraphicsClone made my life a lot easier, and my work much more profitable.


Thank you CloneForest team for the great script and your continued support! Highly recommended!


“I've been composing and performing music for over 15 years now. AudioClone helps me share it with the world.