Refund Policy

All products you are able purchase are digital and cannot therefore be returned once downloaded. As a consequence, all sales are Final and non-refundable.

Amexi offers no Money Back Guarantee of any kind. We believe that the provided multiple information channels, namely

- product website with sufficient information about product features, system requirements, license types, Privacy policy, Terms and conditions and FAQ section,

- contact form(s),

- Livechat representatives,

- free product demos with no time limit,

provide sufficient accumulated knowledge for you to take informed purchasing decision before you commit to buy any and all of our products and services.

By agreeing to our Terms and conditions at checkout you also agree to this Refund policy.

If you have any problem with our product or experiencing difficulty downloading, please contact a member of our Technical support team via the ticketing system. You will either receive information about workaround, technical assistance or a fix at first opportunity.

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