Change log

Version 3.2.6

Image color parser on detail page open fix
Support https for google map and other
Payment provider name translate
Pin Houzz like button fix text for translate and change like/unlike for houzz
Add/remove to wishlist fix text for translate for houzz
Menu FUN tablet & Mobile fix for houzz
Fix text change ajax & active on line & wishlist buttons for houzz
Add background & style in wishlist & like button for houzz
Profile in detail page pin hover menu style for houzz

Version 3.2.5

Geolocation general fixes
Fixes on maintanace mode

Version 3.2.4
RTL fixes
YouTube crawler fixes
Popshops API change
General fixes

Version 3.2.3 

Admin panel login fixes
IOS9 upload fix
Subscriptions method fixes
PayPal subscription fix
Fixes for free subscription
Subscription general fixes
Fix change languiage under IOS

Version 3.2.2

UPDATED: Upload limitations removed

UPDATED: Auto load dinamic css files

UPDATED: Track orders payed via Virtual wallet

UPDATED: Installer was improved in order to keep the installation process alive

FIXED: Item video preview fix for responsive version

FIXED: Tags are now displayed

FIXED: Success page was fixed to display some of subscriptions

FIXED: Adult crawlers fixed

FIXED: Logo is now displayed on the welcome page

NEWImprovment of the modules installation process and system update notifications

NEWImprovment of the add to cart process


Version 3.1.2

UPDATED: Facebook module.

UPDATED: order total calculation.

FIXED: 404 for user profile pages.


Version 3.1.2

UPDATED: Cities and states now displayed in alphabetical order in both filders and droopdown selectors.

FIXED: Erroneous URLs of user profile pages.

FIXED: Errors in search.

FIXED: Facebook module default status set to off, related errors occuring no more.


Version 3.1.1

UPDATED: Installer routine

UPDATED: Product review in admin panel.

UPDATED: Facebook module

NEW: Theme switch in admin panel

FIXED: Report items

FIXED: Editor popup

FIXED: Wishlist add close buttons

UPDATED: Phone number displayed in order details

UPDATED: Virtual wallet.


Version 3.1.0

NEW: administrators can now add balance to user Virtual wallet from the backed.

FIXED: errors with custom licenses price calculation.

FIXED: error message when sending Item deleted notification.

FIXED: error when deleting collection from my own profile page.

FIXED: pre-populated values for new attribute options.

FIXED: removed dependency from License module.

FIXED: layout problems in static and screenshot pages.

UPDATED: blog excerpts.

FIXED: Facebook module names and profile image not retrieved.

FIXED: errors when ordering free seller packages.

FIXED: uploading product under Free marketplace leads to 404 page.

FIXED: item category dropped when editing.

NEW: Virtual wallet balance display widget.

FIXED: Blog module exception when adding an article.

FIXED: Errors when purchasing user group subscription.

FIXED: Search button can't be clicked.

UPDATED: Facebook and Twitter modules.

REMOVED: link on poweruser icon leading to 404 page.

NEW: direct link to user group subscription packages list in the footer.

FIXED: tag autocomplete popup hiding tag entry field.

FIXED: long button titles pushing user menu and cart on the next row.

FIXED: Cash on delivery module cannot be re-installed.

UPDATED: Power user package titles are now required in all languages.

REMOVED: automatically added withdraw request upon successful deposit in Virtual wallet.

UPDATED: Sort filter options text spilling out the highlighted zone.

FIXED: display spillout when switching from modular to base view on home page.

FIXED: error when seller attempts to connect with an existing Stripe account.

FIXED: slider appearing on every page.

FIXED: errors in admin panel.

UPDATED: mobile layouts, map spilling out.

FIXED: logo in notification emails not displayed.

FIXED: errors when trying to unistall Blog module and delete data.

NEW: numerous texts can now be translated.


Version 3.0

NEW: smart installation subsystem now includes a built-in compatibility checking routine.

NEW: system core rewritten from ground zero resulting in a modern, modular architecture that is easier to upgrade and customize.

NEW: 100% mobile-compatible interface with a groundbreaking responsive grid design.

NEW: add-on Auction module for selling those unique, one-off creations. Like on eBay the module has built in support for auction duration and starting price, automatic bid steps based on current price, high bids, automatic bids, and selects winning bid based on value and timestamp of submission.

NEW: optional Type filter updated for selecting regular sale products and auctioned files.

NEW: Add-on module for credit card payment processing via

NEW: Separate module for User rating is now available. Seller and buyer can leave feedback for each other after the sale concludes. Feedback contains text comment and 1-to-5 star rating for each item in each order, whether it’s a regular sale or auction.

NEW: A Rating filter displays items from the highest-rated sellers first (requires separate purchase).

NEW: loading times for product detail, category and search result pages reduced up to 3 times compared to version 2.4.

NEW: Item description can now be formatted text thanks to built-in WYSIWYG editor.

NEW: product gallery supports multiple images which can be reordered and replaced.

UPDATED: tag system is now in a separate module and supports related products .

NEW: Interests by category module: listings within a category can be linked by an admin-defined shared tag into an Interest, displayed in the category home page. The interest can be followed without the need to subscribe for the entire category. Requires the Tag module to work.

NEW: Power user module - paying members are automatically followed by all new sign-ups for the period of their subscription.

NEW: Rest API Module - required for connecting to the native iOS and Android apps (coming February 2015).

NEW: Top users module - ranking of the most popular users by number of followers, item likes and wishlist ads.

NEW: information widgets displaying related products, other products from this seller, who else liked this product, etc. Can be turned on or off via the admin panel.

NEW: Wishlists - users can collect products in personalized lists of links to the respective items (no duplicate entries are created).

NEW: users can move from the current product detail page to the previous or next item in a category, store or search results page via Prev/Next buttons.

NEW: a Subscriptions module is now available. Based on the settings the administrator made in the User groups and permissions interface owners can create pre-paid plans for access to selling and other privileges within their file marketplaces.

NEW: Business profile module - transforming personal profiles to company ones with extra information fields and a Google map.

NEW: Chat and online status module - if you follow a user and he follows you back, he will be on a list of people that you can have an instant chat with. The module will also display if the respective users is online or offline.

NEW: Home page slider module - when turned on this module adds an admin-controlled slider banner below the header on the home page

UPDATED: If a visitor landed on your site via a direct link to an item, he will be taken back to its detail page upon sign-in.

UPDATED: product gallery images use the product title and description for their meta information.

NEW: if you follows another user on a CloneForest website, type @ and their [user]name to send them an automatic notification.

CloneForest version 2.0

NEW: design.

NEW: Reach more people - your customers can now register and log-in using Facebook!*

NEW: Multi-language system - add, edit and remove as many languages as you want.

NEW: Translation for all languages is done through the admin panel.

NEW: Multi-currency system - add, manage and remove currencies.

NEW: Automatic price conversion for all currencies used.

NEW: Pre-paid memberships.

NEW: Links to social networks and websites can be added to footer.

NEW: Unlimited categories.

NEW: Unlimited pages.

NEW: Built-in referral program.

NEW: Forums.

NEW: Detailed sales reports and sales graphics.

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