Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions usesrs are needed to be answered.

What are the benefits of the Membership?

There are many reasons to pick up our Membership - exclusive permanent discounts for every single product, bundle, module or service that we offer, extra priority when you've raised a support ticket, receiving first the newest products before everybody else, expanding your knowledge — and your horizons — with members-only resources.

For more information please visit the page of the Members Club.

What is CloneForest?

CloneForest is a digital goods marketplace script - suitable solution for online trading with any kind of virtual products. Perferct for starting online business with themes, pictures, video, software etc. 

For more information visit the page of the latest version of the most advanced theme clone script.

How different is CloneForest from other scripts on the market?

While working on CloneForest, we took into consideration of the high loads and traffic that your site will begin to attract and so we developed a script that was flexible and stable.

We’ve made sure that all orders toward MySQL do not contain JOIN (a huge advantage), while we monitor and optimize all orders to ensure that your website always runs as smoothly as possible. Further to that, we’ve set up the script so that numerous AJAX/JSON orders are used, with an optimized structure.

Tests show that our application can handle smoothly over 1,000,000 users “likes” and "purchase" per hour… and cater to as many as 1,150 visiting users per minute. In total, your Getsy site will be able to accommodate a total of around 4,000,000 users per day!
Worried that 4 million isn’t enough? If you’ve got bigger plans, then talk to us now – and we’ll be happy to help you with  further upgrade.

Why invest in CloneForest?

CloneForest is a unique platform that combines all of the elements of an online multi store and a social network with an amazing and modern responsive design. In an era where selling items online increasingly goes back to the old ways of social networking, a relatively small investment in CloneForest gives you the competitive advantage in this fast-growing business. One of the main advantages is that you can start very quickly, and that thanks to the complete integration with social networks you can make the place popular in virtually days using Facebook and Twitter. Every user in your website (even the administrator) has a profile which he can use for both purchasing or selling various items. Use CloneForest to earn money both by selling items you make or trade with, and from the commission other traders will pay you for using your venue. Charging sellers for featuring their product at the front page can also bring in an extra buck. People that are dedicated enough to what they do, developing their website, and are working on their store's marketing and SEO, will be able to create a steady income stream.

What's new in CloneForest v3.0?

CloneForest is more than just a digital marketplace clone script. We have invested a lot of time and implemented a lot of features to provide unique functionality that you won’t find anywhere else, even in the original ThemeForest!

Of course, we’ve put in a whole lot more work behind the scenes. Although you won’t be able to see these changes for yourself, we’re confident that you’ll benefit from the results: our latest version of CloneForest is faster, fully responsive and more stable than ever before.

Can I upgrade my license?

You can upgrade your license type at any time. To order the service you can purchase it from your download section in our website.

Please note that license downgrades are not available.

We strongly recommend that you do a complete BACKUP of your CloneForest installation before upgrading!

What is our affiliate program and how does it work?

The Getsy affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program where the registered affiliate user (you) directs traffic to our website ( in exchange for referral commissions. When a visitor on your website clicks on the affiliate link to our site and completes a purchase, you get 30% commission from their order! When you log in to your affiliate account on our site, you will be provided with our banners and links and will be able to see what commissions you have earned so far.
See more details on this page.

Why join our affiliate program?

Promoting our products is a simple way to earn money. It is free to participate. No setup fee, no startup cost, no hidden performance targets to reach! Our real-time reporting lets you know exactly how much you've earned. We use PayPal to send your commission directly to you. No need to install or store any additional software on your servers, or keep track of licenses. No invoicing or payments from customers – just add the links/banners to your websites, and enjoy the payments.

For more details please visit this page.

Who can participate in the Affiliate Program?

Anyone running a website is welcome to our affiliate community, whether it is a personal blog, a community website, or a targeted web portal. We also welcome owners of opt-in e-mail newsletters. All applications are manually reviewed, and we reserve the right to refuse any application.

For more details please visit this page.

Do I have to pay to become an affiliate, or to retain my status?

Participating in the program is free – in fact WE pay YOU for each sale made through your affiliate links (as long as it follows the rules). How are sales tracked from my site? Once your application is accepted, you will be given a unique affiliate ID as well as custom-formatted links that will ensure that traffic coming from your site is properly tracked. We maintain a 45-day cookie, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you are credited with the sale as long as the visitor purchases within 45 days. We record all transactions from your site in real time, meaning that all impressions, links, and sales are tracked instantly. All of the reports and tracking resources can be found in your affiliate account. You can use these reports to find out which of your links are performing the best and to optimize your site to maximize your sales.

For more details please visit this page.

What is the Members CLUB?

The Members CLUB is our established program, created for our loyal clients. It gives to every member the possibility to be part of a business community from a new generation and to take advice from owners of successful business models. Our concept was creating a program that will further support and elevate your successs.
See more details on this page.

For more information please visit the page of the Members Club.

How can I become a Member?

The only requirement is to visit the Members Club page and make a registration.
See more details on this page.

For more information please visit the page of the Members Club.

How much will the Membership cost me?

The annual Membership fee is only €299. Note that if you have spent more than €2500 for the past year in our site you will receive 25% discount of the Membership Fee. If you have spent more than €5000, your discount of the Membership Fee will be 50%.

For more information please visit the page of the Members Club.

Why does our script cost what it does?

We have a team of four professional PHP developers working on Getsy script for more than 36 months now. Our goal was to deliver a professional platform – a stable foundation on which users could build a real social network. We wanted to create something that would work well under high loads, just like Getsy itself.

If you want to save hundreds of dollars / euro and months of development work, The script of Getsy is the right choice for your project!

So save yourself the trouble. Getsy can help you to launch a brand new business, and become a big player on the online trading. All of this in less time than it takes to find a reliable development team… and at a fraction of the cost!

What’s more, we only sell exclusively limited number of scripts – guaranteeing our clients a unique business opportunity, and little or no competition.

Check the latest versions of our Cloneforest scripts.


Do I get full source code of script, or are the files encrypted?

What you get depends on the license you are purchasing.

Regular license version will have its core (PHP) files encrypted. Layout and design (HTML and CSS) files are accessible and customizable.

Open Source and Multi domain license come with no encrypted files at all - both functionality and layout/design can be updated by the store owner.

*Please note that all features of the script are available to administrators and users regardless of license type.

Is there any other Bonus from the Membership?

If you spend more than €5000 in one year for any of our products, bundles, modules or services, your Membership will be free for life. If you spend more than €10000 in one year for any of our products, you will take back your first Annual fee.

For more information please visit the page of the Members Club.

If I come across a bug, how fast can I expect a solution?

Though we’ve worked long and hard on this software, it’s possible that come across a minor bug once in a while. We’re constantly checking our system, and if we find something wrong we fix it with our next update of the script. In the meantime, if you find any bugs in the code let us know and we will remove them as fast as possible.

Will my custom modifications be available after an update?

All new versions of CloneForest v3.0 and upper, will include a module which allows you to keep any modifications you’ve made – even through automatic updates and upgrades. You’ll find a detailed tutorial on how to upgrade your Pintastic website, included in the upgrade package you can download from our WebSite.

Can I change the licensed domain with another?

Yes, you can. You simply need to contact us, and let us know the name of both your current and new domain. This will allow us to disable your old domain and replace it with the new domain for you..

You’ll have the option of changing your domain name for free once every 12 months. Any additional domain name changes have additional fee for the service.

Are the files protected, or is the script code open for editing?

There are three types of license to choose from when you purchasing CloneForest.

Regular license: The regular license lets you use the script for a lifetime. The license is attached to domain name. You will have the option to change the licensed domain once per 12 months. To change the licensed domain name. simply contact us and provide the current domain name and the new one. You have the option at any time upgrade this type of license to Open Source license by simply paying the difference between prices.
*This license type DOES NOT grant you rights to resell the script to third parties.

Open Source license: The open Source license lets you use the script for a lifetime. The Open Source license allows you to modify the full functionality of our script. Only several files that handle licensing are encrypted; they are NOT related to functionality. It is important to know that the Open Source license does not entitle you to resell the script to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.
*This license requires signing of EULA.

Multi Domain License: Multi Domain license allows you  full access to the files of our script (except for the encrypted files that deal with the license), and you can install the script on as many domains as you like.

You can update the entire functionality of the script, except for the files that deal with the license.

It is important to know that the Multi Domain License does not entitle you to resell to third parties.

For more information please read our Terms & Conditions.
*This license requires signing of EULA.

Can I sell the domain and the script on it?

Yes, of course! We’re always happy to hear that our clients are enjoying business success with any of our products. All you’ll need to do is contact us with the new owner’s information – then we’ll transfer the license.

Do I need to purchase Professional Support for smaller issues?

Yes, you do. Purchasing our Professional Support Package will ensure we’re able to help you with any problems you encounter in the script not related to 3rd party customizations. We are the owners of the script and we know how exactly is developed, so do not think otherwise, we will give you the best timing and price for fixes.

If I don’t like the script, can I get my money back?

As the product you buy is digital, all sales are final. We do not offer a money back guarantee. We believe that each user has had sufficient time to assess the quality of our product at our working DEMO website that we provide for free use.

If you have any problem with our product or experiencing difficulty downloading, we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible or you can contact us through the contact form on our site.

For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I ask the CloneForest team to install the script for me?

Yes, of course you can! Simply include the service for the ‘Professional Installation’ when you make the script purchase. Once the payment has been processed, we’ll need access details for your FTP, MySQL and PhpMyAdmin to complete the installation.

Does the script have an installer?

As most modern CMS platforms and Getsy has its own installer. If you read the installation instructions and your server meets our minimum server requirements the installation will not take long. We recommend purchasing our professional installation service, as the script installation is very important for your project and we recommended it to be done by our specialists!

Can I translate the script to a different language?

Yes. The script is a multi-language platform and can be translated to any language even RTL Arabic and Chinese. With the an easy to use admin panel module for the translations, you can choose which pages of the site to be translated.

For how long will I have access to script updates?

All our licenses arrive with lifetime fix updates for the purchased version and an option to upgrade to higher license types or migrate the next release of the script.

Can I remove your company branding from my site?

Since branding is part of our software you should use the Brand Removal Service. To order the service, please login to your account from your "Download" section click on the "license Up" button to order the service.

Can I add on some of your modules at a later stage?

Our services and modules can be purchased at any time. All you’ll need to do is log into our website, go to the "Modules" section and select the modules you’d like to order.

What if I’ve got technical or design questions?

If you need technical assistance, please contact our sales department at - they’ll reply to your query within 48 hours, with an estimate for the work. Please note though, our support team cannot assist with and is not responsible for any third party customizations or modifications

What rate do you charge for custom solutions?

For any custom work questions, please send your full specifications to our sales department at:

Our team will review your requirements, and consult with our development team, before getting back to you with estimate for the custom work.

what is the difference between server and script installation?

Server installation is our full installation and configuration package – taking care of your server as well as all related services. The price is inclusive of Apache2 or NGINX installation with full professional configuration, as well as PHP, MySQL, and all relevant libraries and modules.

The Server itself is not included in our price. In order to take advantage of our server configuration service, first you’ll need to provide us with the root credentials for your existing server package.

Script installation is our professional installation service that covers the script alone – it doesn’t include any additional script optimizations, server or module installations; nor does it include the configuration of your host.

Remember, you can always read a copy of our minimum server requirements on our website.

Can I order your script before I’ve chosen a domain name?

Yes, you can place your order using your local IP instead. Later, once you’ve acquired your chosen domain, just send the details to our sales department at:

Alternatively, you can notify us of your new domain using the contact form on our website.

Why am I seeing the error message 406 or Powered by?

You’re receiving this error message because the license in your header is missing or removed. Alternatively, it could be that you installed the script on a different domain from the one you registered at the time of purchase.

If you believe you’re seeing this message in error, then please use our helpdesk to open a new support ticket and transfer FTP access to our support team, so that they can fix this problem.

Can you recommend a hosting company to me?

These days, most hosting companies offer very similar service packages. If you’re planning to use the script with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) module from Amazon S3, then you’ll need a server that’s fully compatible with our server requirements.

Your pre-sales agents are not online, how can I contact you?

If our agents are not available, please use our 'contact us' form on the website.

Can i purchase your products with Visa or Master Card?

Yes, you can. If you decide to purchase any of our scripts and services with VISA or MasterCard, you need to be sure your card is verified for online payments.

Why am I receiving a verification error during checkout?

You may see this error in case of missing 3D verification of your card. Check the compatibility of your card in the following addresses:

What is the SEO service provided by Amexi?

With the new service that we offer for our clients we try to help them to improve their business and to increase the amount of visitors to their Web sites by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines (SERP). We improve their organic Google search result listings.

Our SEO service helps to be ensured that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine. Amexi offers a wide range of packages and options for search engine optimization on monthly basis. For more information please visit the SEO page.

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