Affiliate module

Affiliate module

The Affiliate module offers ways for both you and your members to increase their income.

The module comes with an affiliate link builder. The resulting links can be shared anywhere. When anyone follows the link and creates a new account, then makes a purchase - the affiliate member will earn a % from the sale.

The purpose of this is

  • members will be more willing to share their affiliate links to your marketplace

  • which in turn generates more traffic and sales for your business.

The module lets the site administrator control

  • the % of sale that the affiliate earns,

  • whether the commission is paid for only the first referral purchase, or all of them.

The administrator can also

  • see which affiliate attracted which referral user,

  • find out how much was earned off each referral user,

  • remove users from the referral list, thus limiting rewards and preventing fraud.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Increase traffic by rewarding members for affiliate sales.

  • Attract more members.

  • Control rewards members receive.
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