Attributes module and filters

Attributes module and filters

This module lets you add various attributes to the description of a product - compatibility, versions supported, files included, etc. and adds a system of filters for each of the attributes defined.

The products in your file marketplace will often be created in different software, be compatible with specific versions of a Web-based system, include certain files depending on the category, etc.

What this module does to help you, your vendors and buyers:

  • the administrator can create groups of attributes with multiple options,

  • each vendor can add the appropriate attributes to each product listing by selecting the appropriate checkboxes,

  • the selected attributes will be displayed in the product detail page,

  • each attribute will be a link to a search page displaying all other products with the same property,

  • a filter with multiple select option will appear on search result pages, category and interest pages, the list of latest products, etc.

The purpose of the module is help buyers discover what they are looking for faster and help them make an informed purchasing decision - therefore making your marketplace more attractive.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Support for unlimited attributes and unlimited options.

  • Adds attribute tags for quickly discovering similar and related products.

  • Creates attribute filters on product list pages for faster searches.
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