Auction Website Builder

Auction Website Builder

If you want to sell your products like you would on eBay - this module is the solution for you. Enable it so the next time you list a new product (or edit an existing one) you have the option to create an auction for it with duration, starting price, automated bidding and a minimum bid step depending on current value.

Do you want to transform your CloneForest 3 site into an auction platform?

Amexi’s Auction module is a small step budget-wise, but will give you a huge competitive advantage over comparable file marketplaces, especially when it comes to exclusive items.

Additional advantages:

  • the module is extremely easy to install,
  • there is no maintenance involved,
  • you can set up a paid seller package with access to the feature and earn extra money.

With this module

  • your sellers can turn a regular sale into an auction at the flick of a switch,
  • there is no limit on what product (be it a single file or a whole system) can be sold,
  • the seller can set duration and minimal price of each separate auction,
  • there are pre-defined bidding steps, dependent on the current price, just like on eBay,
  • the system supports AUTOMATIC bids from the box - if you bid $9 at current price of $5 the system will bid on your behalf until the price reaches over your bid,
  • if there are two exact same bids then the one that is submitted earlier wins,
  • sellers can create an unlimited number of auctions,
  • the system sends a reminder to the seller 1 prior auction end.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Additional selling option for vendors in your digital marketplace
  • Fully seller-configured auctions
  • Support for automatic bids, bid timing
  • One more revenue stream for you if monetized through a subscription
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