Badges module

Badges module

This module creates visual rewards for users that are active on your website. Whether members have listed many items for sale, sold or purchased many times, attracted new members, etc. - the administrators can set reward icons to automatically be displayed at their profiles.

The system also allows for custom badges to be created and manually awarded to each particular member.

There are no limits on the number of badges a user can receive.

What the module provides:

  • interface for creating and manages all badges in the system,

  • multiple options and thresholds for automatically assigned badges,

  • each badge has an icon and a title, displayed as a tool tip,

  • titles are multilingual,

  • option for manual badge assignment,

  • automatic display of assigned badges on user profiles.

Badges are an attractive way of rewarding the users that generate value for you and your community - use them as recognition tokens for members’ efforts.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Rewards for active users and vendors.

  • Each badge has an icon and multi-language description.

  • Badges displayed on user profile page.
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