Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

Enables payments for orders via bank transfer as an alternative to PayPal transactions. When a buyer is completing his purchase he would be shown the bank details of the seller instead of being redirected to an online payment gateway. After the seller verifies the payment has arrived on his bank account - he can set the order status to complete, which in turn enables the feedback form for both vendor and buyer.

PayPal is used as the built-in payment method in CloneForest. It is used for both purchase of subscriptions and products.

There are multiple situations and locations in which online payments are either limited or not available at all. There will be clients in your virtual marketplace that do not have access to PayPal or credit cards, but still willing to purchase from you and your vendors.

You can provide a solution for this problem by installing the Bank wire transfer module. It will immediately become available as a payment option in your admin panel and the store payment options for your vendors.

Sellers will need to fill in their bank account details (bank name, beneficiary and IBAN) and enable the option so that buyers can use bank transfer to pay. When a buyer selects this option to complete his purchase, he will see the vendor’s bank details instead of being redirected to the PayPal checkout page. When the payment is completed and the vendor gets notified by his bank he will mark the order status accordingly and enable the buyer’s downloads.

User ratings will be available when the sale is marked as complete.

Please note that the payment method is only available when ordering products, and cannot be used to purchase subscriptions.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Fully integrated with the marketplace script
  • Intended to complement online payment processors or replace them if unavailable
  • One-click activation
  • Simple interface
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