Banner Display Manager

Banner Display Manager

With this module you can set up, manage and display image and HTML banners in selected categories, on pages with search results, various categories, locations around the detail page, etc.

Displaying targeted banner ads on your online digital marketplace can generate an extra revenue stream for you. The CloneForest banner module supports image and Flash banners, and is fully compatible with Google Ads.

You can set up each banner to be displayed on a different page within your CloneForest website:

  • site home page,
  • search results page,
  • category and sub-category pages (each category can display different banners),
  • product detail pages - above, below, or to the right of the product category,
  • etc.

Each page can display multiple banners at the same time - you can select which position should each of them appear. There is no limit on the number of banners you can have within the system, and their locations and number per page are for you to decide.You can display banners and get per-click or per-impression payments from banner networks, or you can display private banners for a fee. “Internal” banners can also be set up to features specific products, stores, or categories within your marketplace.

All you need in order to create your banner is the HTML code from the banner network - copy and paste that into the respective field, set the dimensions and where to display the ad, then click Save for the banner to appear. You can also select to upload images from your computer. You can select page where to display the banners, a general area and an exact position. The number and sizes of the ads are only limited by the administrator’s imagination and aesthetic feeling.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Additional method for earning money from your marketplace.
  • Unlimited banners with support for local images, HTML code from banner networks, Flash, Google Ads.
  • Easy management with multiple options for pages, positioning, links, etc.
  • Can be used for promoting local products, vendors and categories.
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