This module builds an entirely new section within your marketplace - a fully featured blog system. You can create unlimited categories and articles, that are published and managed by the system administrator. He can designate oither members to perform these tasks (including for a fee*). Members who have their Facebook accounts associated** with the profiles on the site can comment on the articles.

Why would a business need a Blog module? There are many reasons for that.

  • The main is you are giving your business a voice of your own. Yes, you are already selling your work, and it does say a lot about you as an author and a professional. You might be willing to share a bit of insight on your new self – the marketplace owner – and promote new policies, terms, discounts, etc.
  • Links to your blog posts send additional traffic to your marketplace.
  • Considering the module is within your website – it will be easy for visitors to jump to your products. Help them up by adding links or “Buy now” buttons from your posts to recent products.
  • Being a knowledgeable person in your trade does matter. You can share your views, experience and expectations of what you do with the world.
  • Invite users to comment (there is built-in Facebook comment facility) so you can receive feedback from your registered customer base.
  • Blog helps with SEO by providing content that is relevant to your business
  • you can charge subscriptions for letting other users post to the blog.

After you install the module it will be displayed as a link in the site navigation for both members and visitors. Posts are ordered from latest to the oldest, and can be viewed in separate pages.

*Subscriptions module required

**Requires a configured Facebook app and users authorizing it..


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Why do you need this module?


  • Provides an additional communication channel between you and your audience.
  • Adds extra links to your site and products.
  • Can be used as a promotional system.
  • Relevant content assists with SEO.
  • Optional monetization with Subscriptions module.
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