Category filter

Category filter

The module adds a category filter to your marketplace's home page, every profile and store within your website.

This filter further extends the search engine within your marketplace, making it more convenient for the users to discover the products they are looking for.

The filter will available on the Home page, New products page, the Best sellers listing, the Auction Listing and the Search results page. It will appear as an additional dropdown selector, which will contain only those categories, to which products are attached. E.g. if products are only available in just 6 categories out of the 15 that are setup on the site - there will only be 6 choices.

The filter will not be seen on the Category and Interest pages because the user will already be in a particular category.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Improved product segmentation within your marketplace.

  2. Buyers will find the products they need in less time.
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