Color Filter

Color Filter

People looking for products in your file marketplace will often try to match colors to something they already have, or simply look for items in their favorite color. Thanks to the Color filter module they can discover products by color.

What the module does:

  • adds an interface for vendors to mark the color used in their template, image, video, etc. when creating their listing,

  • displays “color tags” (the colors, selected by the vendor) in the detail page,

  • turns these “tags” into search links, that display ALL items using the same and similar color,

  • adds a dropdown filter to each product listing, in which users can select a color. The selection will work together with the other filters to display all items, matching the member search criteria.

The purpose of the filter is to help potential buyers discover the product they are looking for faster by getting more relevant results.


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Why do you need this module?

  • adds options for vendors to add “color tags”, showing predominant color in their digital product.

  • links items using similar colors, showing more relevant items.

  • helps buyers find products using specific colors.
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