Coupon Management

Coupon Management

This module is actually an entire subsystem for vendors, where they can create and manage promotional codes valid for their items.

Discounts are a popular promotional tool for attracting customers. After shopping online has become as widely spread, the “coupon codes” have turned into the top method to advertise to potential customers. The features include:

  • vendor sales increase,
  • sellers can reward particular users,
  • and measure the efficiency of their campaigns.

Thanks to Amexi you can now offer the benefits of the Coupon codes by purchasing and installing the module to your CloneForest 3 marketplace.

The module itself can be installed within seconds by the administrator. Once sellers gain access to it*, they can create an unlimited number of discount codes by filling in a simple form.

Each coupon

  • has a name to be easily identified among other codes the seller has created,
  • can apply reduction of either a fixed sum (e.g. $20), or a percent of the next total (20%),
  • has a validity period - the seller can set initial and expiration date,
  • has the code generated automatically for greater security and avoidance of guessing.

Buyers will be able to see by how much the total amount has been reduced by the code. Using the Groups and permissions module and the Subscriptions module, administrators can create a paid seller plan with  access to the Coupon code feature. Requires installed and configured Marketplace module to work

*Site administrator must grant permission to users to access this feature, OR create a new package using the Subscriptions module.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Add an effective promotional tool to your portfolio.
  • Unlimited number of coupons with seller-made settings.
  • Can be used for promotions, private sales and as rewards.
  • Optional earning for the admin: creating pre-paid seller package with access to the module.
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