Facebook module

Facebook module

When configured with the data from a Facebook app, this module adds options to register and login using Facebook accounts, associate the site and Facebook profiles, and automatically post products to users' walls*.

Our Facebook module provides integration with a social network with over 1 billion users. Imagine the possibilities if you are able to share your products with such an audience! How can the module be useful to you?

It makes registration simple. If users elect to register with their existing Facebook account their names, email and avatar are automatically filled into the registration form.

Members can associate their CloneForest account with the Facebook one thanks to the app you will create (there is a step-by-step guide in the module manual).

The app can be authorized to post on the user’s behalf - whenever a member lists a product in your file marketplace, it is also posted on his Facebook wall*. The system provides all the required meta information to display titles, partial description, link and thumbnail to appear in each post, and make your site more popular. It also helps get more users and improve SEO thanks to the links from a high-ranking website.

*Approved Facebook app required.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Simple method for registration.
  • Ability to connect accounts.
  • Optional automatic product publishing to both your site and Facebook - requires user to authorize the social app to post on his behalf.
  • Helps with SEO - provides quality links.
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