Featured Products

Featured Products

You can earn money from users who'd like to promote their products to the top of the home and category pages. Purchase and install this module, and configure the subscription packages so every time a vendor decides to promote his product - it will be promoted automatically once the payment is confirmed.

The Featured items module combines

  • an efficient promoting tool for vendors within the CloneForest digital marketplaces,
  • as well as an instant monetization option for the site owner.

Administrators can create a number of subscription packages. Each package has its duration set in days, and the admin can set the prices to his preference. After a seller selects a package to promote any of his products, and his payment is marked as completed in PayPal, the item will automatically be displayed at

  • the top of the file marketplace’s home page,
  • the top of the category it has been attached to.

Featured products will be displayed at this location to all users, regardless if they follow the author or not.

Please note: purchasing a package for featuring a product represents an actual subscription (a recurrent charge on the buyer’s PayPal account). It must be disabled by the vendor himself.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Easy-to-manage subscription packages
  • Attractive promotional tool for sellers and influencers
  • Simple three-click upgrade (click item - select plan - checkout)
  • Instant item upgrade - product moved to page top automatically after payment is completed.
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