License type module

License type module

The basic system supports a single license type, and a single price for each product. This module adds an option for the administrator to create additional license types for the products, like licenses for usage on multiple domains, resellers and many more. Each license can have a different price, and vendors can decide which licenses they will support in addition to the default one.

What does this module do: 

  • gives administrators options to create and manage multiple license types,

  • each license has a separate price multiplier and unique description,

  • price is automatically calculated depending on the license, currency and base value of the product,

  • license descriptions are available for each configured language,

  • descriptions are displayed under the licenses selector in the product detail page,

  • each seller can select which license types to support for every individual product,

  • license type is displayed and stored as a part of the sale details for both buyer and seller.


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Available Options

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Why do you need this module?

  • Support for multiple license types

  • Option for vendors to earn more from sellers

  • Individual, translatable description and automatically calculated prices.
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