Multi-currency Module

Multi-currency Module

With the Multi-currency Module visitors in your CloneForest file store can see all prices in their preferred currency. Unlimited currencies are supported.

Since your file marketplace is online - users from all around the world will be visiting it, looking for items to buy. Comparing prices with their budgets can be made easier if the prices are displayed in appropriate currency - and this is possible thanks to Amexi's Multi-currency Module.

Visitors and members can change their preferred currency form a list in the footer. The system supports unlimited number of currencies, and each member can switch as many times as he prefers.

After the module is installed, CloneForest administrators can

  • configure as many currencies as they like,
  • set a default currency,
  • set a fixed exchange rate, or enjoy the benefits of automatical currency conversion, provided by our system.

*Please note currencies are displayed for price comparison purposes only. The currencies usable for actual payment will depend on the payment processor you are using (default is PayPal).


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Add value to your website and increase the usability
  2. Facilitate your users' purchasing decision
  3. Gain access to a wider audience of potential buyers
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