Multi Language Module

Multi Language Module

With the Multi Language Module your file marketplace will support multiple languages. Visitors will be able to select which language to view the site on with a language selector in the footer.

When you purchase any system from the CloneForest family, you will receive an installation with English interface.

If you would like to run your file marketplace in multiple languages, then you need the Multi Language Module. After installing it you will be able to translate all texts in your system to as many languagesas you define in the admin panel. 

Translations are available immediately for both the basic system, and ALL add-on modules - there are no additional actions you need to take after installing. Simply create and activate the additional languages in the localization settings of your marketplace. Go to the Translation management, locate the text you want to translate using the Search, and define the new text.

Any updates you make to the texts in your system are effective immediately - simply reload the page to experience the change.

Please refer to the article about the module in our Support center for installation and configuration help.


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  1. add value to your website and increase the usability
  2. easy installation and management
  3. increase the auditory of potential buyers
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