Power User Module

Power User Module

Members of your file marketplace that subscribe for Power User privileges, will be automatically followed by all users that sign-up after their subscription has started. The privilege will be available to the paying member until he cancels the subscription.

The Power user module is a convenient solution for both promoting a vendor and his ideas and products, and for increasing the site owner’s income. Why?

  • Administrators can define multiple packages suitable for different members.

  • Each package has a different price.

  • Package titles and descriptions can be translated to all supported languages.

  • The user is automatically upgraded from a regular member to Power user once the payment is complete.

  • The information about the subscription is sent directly to the payment processor (PayPal, Stripe), and the amount is billed automatically.

  • As long as the member is paying - he will keep his perks. If the subscription is cancelled - the user will automatically be downgraded and lose all his automatic followers - this provides extra incentive for subscribers to support their status.

  • Virtually no-maintenance, instant method for the administrators to earn additional income.

Use these features to your advantage and earn money - order the Power user module today.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Maintenance-free, automated method for earning money for the site owner.

  • Simple, automated marketing channel for vendors

  • New members automatically follow Power users as long as subscriptions last.
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