Price Filter Module

Price Filter Module

Adds a new filter, with which user can set minimum and maximum price for the product he is looking for.

Help your buyers on a budget find the product they are looking for with the Price Filter for CloneForest! Simply install the module, and it will automatically add a new menu with a slider for minimum and maximum price.

After the budget is set and the user presses Search - the system will only display the products within the budget set (if such are available).

The filter also works in conjunction with all the other filters available in the system, meaning you can combine the action of filters to discover the exact item you are searching for by price, color and other properties.

As a result potential buyers will find the product they need faster, and will decide to purchase it faster.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Users will find the products they need faster

  • Helps potential buyers make informed decision for purchase

  • Encourages competition
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