Product video preview

Product video preview

The module adds a video to the product gallery listing to help your buyers better understand the advantages of using your product.

Because you are selling digital products some of the products can be showcased through a demo - scripts, templates. Others - like audio or video files require multimedia. A proper representation of the product can instill a sense of confidence towards the buyer and increase his purchase incentive.

Thanks to Amexi’s Product video preview module sellers can include a YouTube video directly in the product gallery by simply pasting the video’s URL in the designated field. The embedded video is played on the detail page itself - the visitor is not redirected to YouTube in neither the same window or a new one. If the vendor has posted the video on his own channel he can add a link to the listing - this will provide a positive SEO effect



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Why do you need this module?

  • A multimedia preview of a product, especially video or audio files
  • Preview and video are integrated directly in the product gallery
  • Seller only needs to paste the YouTube video link in URL field; no code is required
  • Increases buyer’s confidence in the vendor and the product
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