Home Page Slider

Home Page Slider

The slider module adds a configurable slide show banner to the home page of your website. Images can have text for each language, and can be linked to a user profile, product, category, interest, page, external site, etc.

A slider on your home page can be used for several purposes:

  • you can feature specific categories, or items and shops for a fee,
  • link blog posts, your Terms and condition, or your Facebook page,
  • advertise events, competitions, or upcoming site upgrades,
  • or earn money by displaying third party ads.

Thanks to this module you can add a slider banner to the home page of your CloneForest marketplace script site. The add on is very easy to manage, and support adding and uploading multiple images with just drag and drop. Each of the slides can have a unique title, text and alt text for each language version of your ThemeForest Clone site. You can also add links (including affiliate ones) to URLs within or outside your website to every image.

The size of the slider can be configured from the admin panel. You can also show paging display and navigation buttons. The images are changed every 4 seconds (this can be configured from a javascript file).


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Why do you need this module?

  • improves the vision, attracts the attention of the visitors of the home page
  • easy solution for affiliate links or promoting categories, brands, products and users
  • easy content management
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