Sort Filter Module

Sort Filter Module

After the administrator installs this module visitors can order the products on a page by title, time posted, price or number of sales.

Most file marketplaces only use categories to segment the product being sold in them. This solution is far from optimal, as it would take a while for a potential customer to find the items he is looking for.

CloneForest, however, offers a selection of filters, and a method for arranging the products, called the Sort By module.

The module adds an extra dropdown, through which a member can arrange the products in a listing in ascending and descending order according to publishing date, title or price, or display the most sold item first.

Fully automated, quickly displaying the results the way buyers need them, the Sort filter can show products in ascending or descending order for all price, name and publishing date. A helpful trick for buyers looking for something particular and for displaying relevant search results.


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Available Options

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Why do you need this module?

  • visitors can arrange products in ascending or descending order by price, title, publishing date, or most sales

  • helps users discover relevant results faster.

  • makes purchasing decisions for users easier - this means more sales.
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