Subscriptions Module

Subscriptions Module

Once you have created user access groups using the built-in Groups and permissions module, you can monetize them by creating subscription packages through this module.

Thus it complements the existing system for User groups and permissions management, helping you create an additional revenue.

You can create the subscriptions from the very beginning, or introduce them step by step. What you need to do is create several groups with increasing number of privileges and access to modules, e.g. for managing coupon codes* or writing blog articles*. If a member clicks on the respective section he has no access to - he will be redirected to a page with optional subscriptions. After he purchases one - he will be able to access the module or page while his subscription is active/paid.

The best way to purchase such a package are instant payment processors, e.g. our built-in PayPal module, or the optional Stripe integration module. Thanks to the instant nature of these methods the subscriptions will be activated almost immediately**.

All subscriptions are stored in the user profile, where he can track, upgrade and cancel them as long as his profile exists. To upgrade to the next package, a member would only be charged the difference for upgrade; any used-up period of the existing subscription will also be taken into account and affect the amount due.

When a subscription is no longer paid for it will expire. The member will automatically be demoted to the default user group, and all his extra privileges will no longer be accessible before he subscribes again.

Important: Featured pins and Power user subscriptions are configured and purchased through the respective separate modules.

*Additional modules required.

**Subject to payment processor terms and conditions. Individual payments can take up to 24 hours to be verified by the respective payment gateway.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Earn additional income from premium features in your marketplace.

  • Virtually instant, automated user upgrade.

  • Options for package upgrade.

  • Automatic access limitation reinstated upon subscription expiration.
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