Tags Module

Tags Module

With the Tags module installed you can add keywords to each product. They appear on the product detail page, linking the item you are viewing with others that use the same keyword.

Tags are keywords used to better describe and segment content, improve its context and make it more discoverable in search engines.This module ads an additional field to the pin creation interface, where the user ads the tags, separated by a comma. When a user start typing a keyword, the system will automatically suggest existing tags with the built-in autocomplete popup, helping vendors avoid duplicate and erroneous keywords.

Tags within Pintastic framework do more than just describe a pin. When you are looking for a tag using the search engine there is a separate tab that will display all pins that have this tag. Also, on a pin detail page, Pintastic will display other pins using the same tags in the column on the right.

The Tags module also forms the basis for the Interests by category module – interests are defined based on tags within the selected [sub]category.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Adds more context to pins
  • Tags displayed as links to search for other pins
  • Display related pins (by the same tag) in the detail page
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