GraphicRiver Clone Script 3.0

Do you want to open a Graphicriver clone site and retain all the money from selling your own work? Do you want to create a digital multi vendor platform, where you can also offer a venue for other artists to sell their creations? GraphicsClone is a digital marketplace script that can do that for you.

This is a marketplace script for graphics that has more features and is more versatile than any other Graphicriver script on the market.


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GraphicRiver Clone Script 3.0

A feature-packed digital marketplace script, GraphicsClone has a history on the market since 2010. It has helped hundreds of digital artists sell independently and spare them the intermediary fees, reduced these payment for many more that have joined such smaller outlets.

It is the ideal marketplace script for graphics for startups thanks to having all the features required to launch a graphicriver clone built-in. If you’ve ever looked into a system that you can use as a digital multi vendor platform - GraphicsClone is the solution for you.

It can be entirely managed by the administrator - all categories, languages, texts, currencies, with access to users, stores and individual items, etc. Amexi’s graphicriver script includes support for PayPal. You can also add modules for registration, login and sharing with Facebook and Twitter.


Site owners can rely on a choice of functional modules to extend their graphics marketplaces, as well as contact Amexi for custom development or design upgrades.

GraphicsClone is a comprehensive, scalable, upgradable, ready-to-deploy marketplace script for graphics. It can be used as either a store with a single artist offering his work, or as a digital multi vendor platform with an unlimited number of registered sellers and buyers.

GraphicsClone is designed as a tool for people with no prior programming or Web design knowledge to build a Graphicriver clone site with a single installation. The system is therefore extremely simple to install, manage and maintain, meaning it will take away much less of your valuable time than any other Graphicriver script available.

Thanks to functions such as likes, comments and sharing, as well as the optional Facebook and Twitter integration, GraphicsClone can also be considered a social file marketplace - a feature that will help a lot with making your site popular and bringing it closer to your potential sellers and buyers.

With its built-in PayPal support and automatic order status updates, our digital marketplace script is set on giving you more time to dedicate to your business.

Thanks to an user rating system, that is only accessible to sellers and buyers that have finalized a sale, GraphicsClone will also boost the confidence of your potential members.

The initial revenue for your marketplace script for graphics will be, of course, based on you selling your own items. What this means for you is that you will need to add as many of your products as possible, and present them in a way that will attract sales. You are probably wondering if there are other ways to earn money from your Graphicriver clone website - indeed there are, so this article will give you a few ideas on how to exploit them.

Because GraphicsClone is a digital multi vendor platform, you can offer your website to other artists to register and sell their at more attractive pricing than at the competing marketplaces. Both you and the other vendors can actively promote your site using channels such as social networks and forums.

When the volume of trade on your site is high enough, you can start charging users for access to certain privileges. The User groups and permissions controls will help you create multiple groups with various privilegs like uploading products, creating discount codes, adding more details about a business to a user’s profile. Using the Subscriptions modules the administrator can create pre-paid packages for users willing to pay for having access to these privileges.

As the number of your users grows you can add the Banner module to display ads around your Graphicriver script, and earn money per impression or per click (depending on the system you are registered with). The module is compatible with Google Ads, too. There are also individual subscriptions for promoting your items to the top of the home page (Featured item module), or for being automatically followed by all new members (Power user module). These can have different prices and durations, set through the admin panel.

How to serve more clients? You can offer alternative methods for payment. Your digital marketplace script supports PayPal payment by default. You can add the CCBill module - it supports secure credit card payments from around the world with no prior registration with this processor. For clients that are not using any online payment methods - you can offer the Bank wire payment method.

Meet the new features of our GraphicRiver Script

GraphicsClone has been on the market for a few years now, and thanks to the feedback from our users we have created a solid marketplace script for graphics, that has all the features to get your business started in less than a day.

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    User groups and permissions

    This feature allows you to create and manage different user groups, and their access to various options within the site. Any user in your digital marketplace script can have different privileges like listing products, creating coupons, posting to the blog, etc.

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    Service Cart

    This powerful feature, allows the members of your cloneforest script to purchase all their subscriptions for featuring items, power user status, or additional privilege. The service cart is also keeping a track of the orders and their validity in the system.

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    There is no way to run an online marketplace, without supporting of online payments. We have decided to build our cloneforest script on PayPal, the most popular online payment processing system in the world, which is keeping the user data secure.

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    To be successful, your digital marketplace script must provide a way for communication between the sellers and the buyers, whether for a “Thank you!” message or a question, regarding any particular product. Thanks to this feature, all messages with different subjects will be stored in the system, as a separate conversation (similar to Google Mail).

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    Mention Users for More Exposure!

    Similar to the comments in Facebook, within our digital marketplace script visitors can “call” or “tag” a member. Typing @username or @name will display a list of users followed matching the written name/username. When selected, such a member will receive a notification and a link to view the post.

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    Smart Search

    A good search form, can ease the buyers to discover the products they are looking for faster and is encouraging them to make a purchase. Our ThemeForest clone software is using MySQL 5.6 fulltext search with relevance algorithm to make your items more discoverable.

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    Smart Product Browsing

    The endless scroll is a great and handy solution for bigger listings. We’ve added a Next and Previous buttons on the product page, so you can quickly view products in detail, whether you are in a shop, category, or on a search results page.

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    Built-in Email Notifications Management

    Most marketplace scripts spread events email notifications, which are usually considered as spam. With CloneForest, each user can decide which notifications he will receive and which will be turned off.

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    Unlimited Marketing Potential

    Using the power of the social networks integration, features like multilingual and multicurrency support, unique URLs for each product and page, meta tags and SEO properties, Amexi’s digital marketplace script - CloneForest is extremely easy to be promoted.

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    Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

    The Cloneforest scripts are provided with discoverable and proper segmentation of the published items through easy categorization. Our digital marketplace scripts offer complete control over the category hierarchy tree, and permit unlimited categories and nested sub categories.

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    SEO-Centered System

    CloneForest as always is example for well optimized product oriented to the SERPs. Each item published in your responsive marketplace script has its own Meta tags, and all item images have Alt tags. With the new option for multiple languages - each category has different meta info for each separate language, too.  

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    No Duplicate Content

    CloneForest is optimized to display only the relevant results - the actual products. Wishlists only contain links to the original items, rather than their full copies and are only accessible through the user’s profile page. They are not displayed on the home, category, or search results pages, to avoid duplications.

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    Integrated Translation Management Console

    With the CloneForest  you can have online marketplace translate to as many languages you prefer. The system allows translation of all text labels through the admin panel instead of working with separate language files. All changes you make are effective immediately, and the script is much less error-prone than most clone scripts you will encounter on the market.

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    Built-in CMS

    The admin panel of your CloneForest clone php script allows you to create pages and  stores where you can publish text and multimedia, products and then link them into the system menu or footer. The system is extremely user friendly developed with main aim to save your time and improve the usability. You can publish your Terms and conditions, help texts, about section or any additional information to present to your community.

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    Improved Speed

    We have improved the loading speed for individual pages and product listings in CloneForest 3. Thanks to the optimized database queries of the latest MySQL version, the memory object caching and the overall smarter design, the system is at least 3 times faster than version 2.1.

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    Optional Account Verification Emails

    Prevent registering  bots in your digital marketplace. Set the default user status to Inactive - with this the system of CloneForest will send an email with verification link to each newly registered member. The Member will be able to post in your website only after confirmation of the registration through the sent link.

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    Easy to install

    Everyone of our scripts is with simple and easy installation. For your convenience we included an illustrated step-by-step manual in your download files. To ensure your system runs smoothly, we’ve built a compatibility checker into the installation routine - it will notify you if any updates are required on your account.

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    Module-Based System

    The script is fully module-based and that allows easy extending the capabilities by adding a filter, a payment option, or a feature of your own. Simply purchase a module, upload and activate it. Whenever an update is delivered - you will be notified when you log into your site’s admin panel.

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    Apache and NGINX Support

    Amexi’s scripts can be installed on servers running Apache or NGINX webservers. These are the top solutions on the Web, powering over 3/4 of all the sites worldwide. Apache is easier to configure, while the more demanding NGINX is an oriented towards systems under extremely high load.

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    MemCached and APC Support

    CloneForest 3 is way faster than version 2.1, thanks to both carefully optimized MySQL queries, and the two optional types of memory object caching: MemCached and APC. When either is installed on your server, all you have to do is to login the admin panel and activate the prefered option.

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    Based on the customers feedback we improved the security and scalability of the new version in order to ensure the smooth business process of every new client. As result now all gaps we had with the older php script are fixed and the multi vendor marketplace script is safer than ever.

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    100% Responsive Design

    We decided to publish the new product with more functionalities but also with fully responsive design. This means that your website will be properly displayed on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, while still featuring 100% functionality. Beautiful vision, better better functionalities - complete solution for every online business!

View All Features

First of all - you need to install GraphicsClone. Your Graphicriver clone comes with a step-by-step pictorial manual, and the installation itself is done mostly automatically.

Once it concludes you can start setting up your digital marketplace script to match your niche and sales model. Login to the admin panel, change the brand and logo, adjust the site name and meta tags, set policies for login, minimal image size, update texts, etc.

You need to update the contact email and set the PayPal account email so you can receive money once products have been uploaded.

From then on it is up to you to upload products, and invite other authors to add theirs (because your graphicriver script is a digital multi vendor platform), and to then share links to them and attract potential customers.

Help buyers register quickly by purchasing the Facebook and Twitter and creating the social network apps.

The modules and apps will give your members the option to also link their accounts, and automatically share their activity on the site to their profiles, promoting their own products and in turn - your website.

GraphicsClone is a marketplace script for graphics with additional ways to earn money.

What can you do to receive extra income?

  • display third party ads with the Banner module,
  • charge users for subscriptions for promoting items and getting more followers,
  • set up access rights to modules and creating paid subscription packages for them,
  • add new payment modules to serve more markets and clients.

Now that you know there are additional ways to earn money from your marketplace script for graphics - how do exploit them?
Most importantly you need products and content in your text pages. This will provide your visitors with items to browse through, bookmark and purchase, and will also help the search engines put your Graphicriver clone site in their search results pages.Next, you need to attract visitors - purchase and install the Facebook and Twitter modules, and enable their apps. This will make registration easier, especially for  friends, followers and contacts you invite over to your site. You can also make a page for your site on Facebook, and add links to products to help people discover your site.  

Configure packages with the Featured items module so sellers can promote their products to the top of the homepage and the category page instantly by paying a fee. Add the Power user module, and create subscriptions for people who would like to get automatic followers.

Your GraphicsClone is a digital multi vendor platform, so you can benefit from other members using it, especially for sales. Thanks to the User groups and permissions modules, you can create specific groups with access to sales features and set the default group to be unable to publish products. Create pre-paid plans for those who would like to sell with the add-on Subscriptions module. You can use the same model for users who’d like to:

  • sell products like they would do on eBay with the Auction module,
  • creating discount codes with the Coupon module,
  • display additional information to their profiles via the Business profile module, and much more.

Users who purchase subscriptions for your Graphicriver script site will have access to the extra features immediately after the payment goes through PayPal. You can also add online processing for Credit Cards with the CCBill module, and serve customers that don’t have access to online payment with the Bank wire transfer module. Users will remain longer on your website if they can find what they are looking for faster. There is a built-in search engine, yet they will appreciate our Shop search module (search results from only the particular store) and the Price (listing all products between min and max prices) and User rating (displaying the highest rated users) filters handy.

Your digital marketplace script can also benefit from a private message facility (our Conversations module) and an instant messaging option (the Chat + online status module). These will keep users engaged on your site longer, so users can see the advertisement blocks you will be displaying with the Banner module (also supports Google Ads).

You can benefit from a targete marketing and SEO campaign with our partners at

GraphicRiver Clone Script 3.0 License type

Please choose your license type. You can always update it to upper level if you wish. For more information see our licenses page.

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Regular license

The Regular License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The license is attached to domain name. You will have the option to change the licensed domain once per 12 monts. To change the licensed domain name - simply contact us and provide the current domain name and the new one. You have the option at any time upgrade this type of license to Open Source license by simply paying the difference between prices. This license type DOES NOT grant you rights to resell the script to third parties.


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Open Source License

The Open Source License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The Open Source License allows you to modify the full functionality of our script. Only several files that handle licensing are Encrypted. They are NOT related to the functionality. It is important to know that the Open Source License DOES NOT entitle you to resell the script to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Price without Members discount Card €1,299

Multi Domain license

Multi Domain License allows you Full Access to the files of our script (except for the encrypted files that deal with the license), and you can install the script on as many domains you like. You can update the entire functionality of the script, except for the files that deal with the license. It is important to know that the Multi Domain License DOES NOT entitle you to resell it to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Price without Members discount Card €1,999

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